Uue-Kadaka, Tuimõisa

Favorite place for dreamers. Luxury mini house located “nowhere”…

A house with large windows and a sauna invites you to enjoy being in the middle of the woods and fields to find the true charm of relaxing in nature.

“This is no ordinary accommodation, but an environment for dreaming.”

The goal of Stay Zen House is to offer each guest a unique holiday experience. It’s for anyone who wants to break free from the daily routine of life, responsibilities and city noise to take time off and focus only on themselves and their loved ones.

Uue-Kadaka is a great place to connect with nature, listen to birds singing and the hum of the forest. Take a moment to marvel at the stars and if you’re lucky, you might spot some roe deer or storks wandering around the house from the window, terrace or sauna. Take time to reflect on life and your inner thoughts and set new goals.

The nearest village is 5 km from the house.

The Stay Zen is a one and a half storied cozy house with a romantic nest under the roof from which you can see the stars through the skylight. You can enjoy your morning coffee in bed and enjoy the sunrise on a unique Cabrio balcony.

The house has a kitchen where you can prepare exactly what your stomach craves. Or enjoy all the beauty of nature and grill outside, sit on the terrace in comfortable seating or in a hammock.

The living room has a sofa in front of a spacious window to enjoy the view or why not a natural nature cinema.

You can spend time setting goals, reading a book, meditating, listening to music, playing board games or whatever your soul desires.

In addition to the main house, you’ll find a 13m2 sauna house. The Sauna is equipped with the innovative Saunum heater. Saunum developed a unique technology that distributes the hot and the cold air in a sauna evenly. The sweating process of the body becomes more intense and efficient while at the same time the experience itself becomes sublimely balanced.


House Rules

- No smoking indoors
- Animals are allowed at an additional cost
- Check-in 15:00 and check-out 11:00
- Contactless entry
- Capacity for a maximum of 4 people

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Your Reservation

Children 2-12 years old
Infant's 0-2 years old

Extra Services

Pet €20
Preheated sauna €10

Your price

180 / per room