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The idea of a "Stay Zen" house

The idea for Stay Zen cottages was born during a crisis situation where people were forced to be at home, reduce contact with each other and restrict their movements. All this caused stress – you can’t travel, spas, gyms and restaurants are closed indefinitely.

The first half of the year felt like it was all transient. As time went on, it became clearer that you had to come up with something yourself, find the most beautiful and pleasant places in Estonia where you could go on an adventure with your partner.

Hence the idea of ​​creating an inspiring environment “in the middle of nowhere” so that contact with strangers is minimal, but where everything you need to enjoy life is there. So that you can leave your thoughts behind and focus only on yourself and your partner. Finally, take a moment to work out or read a book. Do things that will help you keep positive thinking and move forward rested, fresh and full of new ideas. Recharge yourself full of love and motivation.

The Zen House is ideal for two, while also accommodating a smaller family or a really good friend.

“Stay” – you are here where you are, you are not trying to be anywhere else, maybe you are in the moment.
“Zen” – you are relaxed and in inner peace, without worrying about the things you can’t change.

It is not just an accommodation, but rather a “mini retreat-center” experience. Pop your body and mind in Tuimõisa Stay Zen House sauna and relaxation areas. To get the full experience of sauna rituals, we have prepared the necessary body care products that will make your cheeks flush and your skin will smile.

It’s your time to be quiet, look inside, drink tea, meditate – restart yourself.

If you want to stay longer and explore the surrounding area, then the most interesting sights are the ruins of Laiuse, Emumägi, Mustvee and Kuremaa beaches, Äntu blue lakes and health trails. There are still these places. Feel free to ask for more if you are interested.

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